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Category: Residential Conveyancing

Crossgates on a map

Things to consider when buying a Property in Crossgates

The history of Crossgates Until 1912, Crossgates wasn’t part of Leeds, having historically formed part of the district of Selby. 1800’s Crossgates was very different to the bustling area we see today, being a dirt track between Seacroft and Whitkirk, albeit a well trodden one. There are several stories as to how the village took…

Victorian terraced homes

10 Property Laws You May Be Breaking Without Realising

England and Wales are jam-packed with ‘off-the-wall’ Laws which probably all of us have fallen foul of at some time. Although some of the below are unlikely to be enforced, take a look at some of these strange items from our statute books which you may fall foul of in or around your own home….

York River

A Positive Outlook for York

Chris Brierley comments on the future of the York property market looking at a very common question: Is there a property crash coming? There is always a possibility, especially with the risk of a hard Brexit vote. A hard Brexit might see prices fall in some areas of London and the south-east where property prices…

Clock tower and bunting

Buying a Property in Morley

The History of Morley Once an agricultural village, Morley is now a 19th century industrial town, originally powered by textile manufacture, coal mining and stone quarrying. The Morley Town Hall is a distinctive landmark and is Grade 1 Listed. Built in 1885, the shovel which acts as a pendulum in the Grandfather clock is said to be…

Beach workers

Mining Searches

Mining Searches are largely something we take for granted in the Yorkshire area, but they’re extremely important for both you, the mortgage lender and indeed the current occupiers of the property. It’s estimated that around 18% of residential property in Yorkshire is impacted by the mining legacy. That’s a substantial amount of homes so it…

Property and ladder

How To Get On The Property Ladder If You’re A First Time Buyer

There are several schemes available to first time buyers wanting to buy their first property. Shared Ownership These schemes are provided through local housing associations. In a shared ownership, you buy a percentage share of your home, ranging from 25-75% with a mortgage and pay a reduced rent on the remaining share. This reduces the…

Courtroom Gavel

Things to consider when buying a property at auction

Buying property at auction is an exciting method of a purchase but it comes with its own unique risks. Here are five matters to consider but remember, this list is not exhaustive! This blog looks at buying at a traditional auction. A further piece on buying through a modern auction method will follow. 1.    Do…

Home and house keys concept

Help to Buy ISA Scheme – What’s It All About?

Since 1st December 2015, first-time buyers have been able to save up to £200 a month in a Help to Buy: ISA, which many banks and building societies are now routinely offering. An individual can only open one Help to buy ISA. They are not available to couples although, more than one government bonus can…