Achilles Tendon Delay

A delay in diagnosing a medical condition can mean that a patient suffers unnecessary pain and disability before they receive appropriate treatment. A delay in treatment can mean the patient suffers otherwise unavoidable complications and needs more invasive treatment.

Delays in diagnosis can be due to doctors failing to take note symptoms reported by the patient, misinterpreting test results or failure to perform appropriate investigations

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  • Case report – delay in diagnosing a ruptured Achilles tendon

    One of our Partners, acting on behalf of a client who suffered complications due to a 5 week delay in diagnosing a ruptured Achilles tendon.

    Our client experienced a severe snapping pain in her calf. The following day she attended her calf was swollen and she could not weight bear. She attended A & E however no proper physical examination was performed and a muscle strain was diagnosed. Her symptoms persisted and 5 weeks later her GP referred her to an orthopaedic specialist who diagnosed a ruptured Achilles tendon. After a lengthy period in a cast our client underwent extensive reconstruction surgery. It was 18 months before she made a full recovery.

    We obtained evidence from an independent orthopaedic specialist who confirmed that it was negligent not to diagnose the rupture when our client first attended A & E. Our expert also advised that if diagnosis has been made at this time it is likely that she would have needed less extensive surgery and would have made a full recovery within 6-9 months.

    We negotiated an out of court settlement in the sum of £30,000.

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