Terms & Conditions of Business

Properly drafted Terms and Conditions of Business are essential. Done correctly they can help you, among other things, to:-

1.    Ensure your terms govern the contract rather than those of the buyer;

2.    Get paid on time;

3.    Recover your goods if the buyer becomes insolvent;

4.    Keep liability for loss or damage caused by your goods or services as low as the law allows;

5.    Ensure English Law governs the contract in question.

Done badly, certain key clauses such as limitation of liability could be struck down by the Courts. Further terms and conditions governing consumer type transactions may well infringe consumer protection regulations and lead to trouble with your local Trading Standards Officer.

At Ison Harrison we are specialist business solicitors, with wide experience of drafting terms and conditions for many types of businesses. We will take the time to understand the particular needs of your business, something an online seller of document templates will never do. From that, we will tell you what terms will work and what will not, particularly if you trade with members of the public.

  • Do you offer fixed fees for the preparation of a set of Terms and Conditions?

    Yes we do!

  • Can you prepare one set of Terms and Conditions to cover both business to consumer and business to business transactions?

    We can do this but do not recommend it. The rules and regulations protecting consumers are strict and it is increasingly difficult to cover both transactions in one set. We think it better to have separate sets to avoid confusion and trouble with Trading Standards.

  • How long will the work take?

    Depending on your precise requirements, we aim to have the first draft to you within 14 days but earlier timescales may be possible depending on our workflows.

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