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The Equality Act 2010 provides individuals with protection from discrimination and provides specific rights that you can enforce should you be subject to discrimination.

Under the Equality Act 2010, It is unlawful to discriminate against an individual due to age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, disability, race, religious beliefs and/or due to the individual being pregnant, these are legally known as 'protected characteristics'.

Accordingly, it is unlawful for any employer or employee to discriminate against you at work.

Our employment solicitors have a vast depth of knowledge and experience in dealing with cases involving discrimination. Discrimination can take many forms; whether it be direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation, at Ison Harrison Solicitors our team have experience in dealing with cases involving:

If you have been the victim of discrimination whilst at work, we can help you bring a claim against your employer.

Should you have any queries or questions you can contact our team of specialist employment solicitors on 0113 284 5023. Our team will be more than happy to take your call and assist you with any possible legal claim.

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