Essential Advice for Contracts of Employment / Handbooks

The contract of employment and the Employee handbook are the foundations for a secure employment relationship. At a very minimum, an employer must provide a written statement of terms, which in practice often is overlooked by employers. Without a properly drafted contract of employment or employee handbook it can be very difficult to manage or discipline employees, can lead to mistakes being made, and can lead to claims being brought in the Employment Tribunal.

It is important that an employee’s terms are clearly defined, along with your duties and responsibilities to them. Unclear terms can lead to confusion, disputes and invariably costly litigation. In most circumstances you cannot recover any legal costs you incur when defending a claim, and therefore it is best to prevent such disputes from arising in the first place.

A well-drafted employment contract and employee handbook can prevent such issues arising. Contracts and handbooks set out employee entitlements, and can set out for both employer and employee exactly what procedures need to be followed for disciplinary and grievances. If followed, these policies and procedures can reduce the risk of claims being brought against the company.

Our team of expert lawyers can provide pragmatic and commercial advice which will help reduce the risk of costly litigation and reduce the stress and time involved with managing staff issues. Whether you need a bespoke contract for a senior employee, or a template contract to be given to most employees in your business, our team can assist you in creating legally compliant contracts and policies to suit your business needs.

Expert Employment Advice

Our Corporate Employment Solicitor, Ben Palmer has vast experience in acting for a wide range of clients ranging from airlines, PLCs and pharmaceutical companies to manufacturing businesses, schools and SMEs.

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