Maternity & Paternity Employment Advice for Businesses

When employees become parents, they may be entitled to maternity or paternity leave and/or pay. This includes if employees become parents through surrogacy or adoption or for same sex couples. Parents also have other rights, which could include flexibly working to suit childcare arrangements, time off to deal with emergencies involving their children and occasionally unpaid parental leave.

Pregnant women, or women on maternity leave, are protected from discrimination in relation to the pregnancy or maternity. In addition during a redundancy process, women who are on maternity leave get additional protection in relation to any suitable alternative employment. Poor management of maternity leave, or a redundancy process, can lead to costly discrimination claims.

Our expert lawyers can provide you with professional advice to help you manage employees to help reduce the risk of costly discrimination claims. We can also assist with determining eligibility, or simply advising on a flexible working request.

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