Employment Advice for Wages Claims

If an employee believes they have been underpaid, it could give rise to a claim to the Employment Tribunal. Alternatively, an accidental overpayment could mean that you a seeking to recover sums from your employee. Whatever the circumstances, seeking the right advice can help deal with the dispute effectively without the need to go to a tribunal.

More complex wage disputes can arise if there is a disparity of terms between one employee and another. There may be legitimate business reasons for this, however, if the lesser paid party has a protected characteristic and they substantially do the same roles, this could lead to an Equal Pay claim. Equal Pay claims are often more costly and time consuming than other claims in the tribunal, as it often requires several preliminary hearings to determine whether the two employees’ roles are ‘like work’ for the purposes of the legislation.

Our commercially minded team here at Ison Harrison Solicitors can provide you with specialist technical advice on equal pay and wages claims, so that you can ensure that you are receiving the best commercial advice.

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