Environment Agency Investigations

The Environment Agency

Within the United Kingdom, the Environment Agency (the "EA") are tasked with ensuring that businesses and companies act in compliance with environment legislation. Due to the current political landscape, environmental law is subject to rapid changes and amendments.

If you or your business breach the strict legal framework provided by UK legislation you may be subject to an investigation by the EA. 

In order to minimise non-compliance, the EA have draconian powers of enforcement. Details of the EA's powers can be found on our FAQ page, however it is key to note that an investigation for a breach can potentially lead to prosecution.

How We Can Help

Here at Ison Harrison, the Head of our Regulatory Law Department, Ian Anderson can advise you or your business on the current legal landscape to ensure that you comply with the ever changing legal framework. We can help you be fully aware of your responsibilities and duties which will in turn allow you to avoid breaching environmental legislation.

The EA regularly perform inspections in order to ensure compliance and to identify any possible risks of harm to the environment. It is imperative that you contact a solicitor as soon as you become aware of an impending investigation to ensure that achieve the best possible outcome. 

If you are to be interviewed under caution in connection with an EA investigation, we can offer expert and confidential legal advice. Our solicitors have logged thousands of hours of interview and investigation experience.

Should you be charged with an environmental offence we will provide expert advice and can call on a wealth of industry contacts to assist.

Contact Us

Our Regulatory Lawyers can be contacted directly on 0113 284 5062 and will be happy to discuss your matter and address any questions or queries you may have. Alternatively, you can e-mail our team directly by clicking here

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