Advice for Dental Professionals

At Ison Harrison Solicitors, we can provide advice and representation to dental professionals registered with the General Dental Council ("GDC") whether it be in relation to an initial enquiry or prior to a hearing before the GDC.

The General Dental Council

The GDC regulate dental professionals by setting standards, providing quality assured education and registering all dental professionals; all dental professionals are legally required to be registered with the GDC.

  • The following dental professionals must be registered with the GDC

    • Dentists;
    • Nurses;
    • Technicians;
    • Therapists;
    • Hygienists;
    • Orthodontic Therapists; and
    • Clinical Dental Technicians.

The GDC ensure patient safety by regulating and maintaining the standards within the dentistry profession throughout the United Kingdom. The legislative provision regulating all dental professionals is the Dentists Act 1984 and this seeks to maximise patient safety and strives to ensure quality of care.

To ensure that their standards are adhered to, the GDC will take action against those who do not adhere to the standards set. If a dental professional falls seriously short of the standards expected of them, the GDC has the power to remove them from the Register or to restrict their practises. The GDC ensure that dental professionals maintain standards through monitoring dental professionals Fitness to Practise.

The GDC will also pursue legal action against those who break the law by working without being registered with the GDC.

If you are facing a GDC investigation or facing a complaint, it is imperative that you seek specialist legal advice in order to protect your interests and to ensure that your practice is safeguarded. It is vitally important to seek specialist advice prior to providing any response to correspondence received from the GDC.

At Ison Harrison, we understand the professional and personal consequences an individual is faced with when dealing with regulatory proceedings. It is crucial that you ensure that you are provided with accurate legal advice that is specific, effective and prompt.

Ian Anderson, our specialist regulatory solicitoris able to provide advice and representation tailored specifically to dental professionals facing proceedings before the GDC or any other outside agency. Whether the proceedings are due to a complaint, an issue relating to conduct, health, performance or in relation to a criminal offence we are here to help. For immediate advice please contact Ian directly on 0113 284 5062.

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