Payments Accepted

Important: To make an online payment, you will need your unique reference number. This can be found on your latest invoice, or was given to you during correspondence. Payments are 100% secure. All payments must be in GBP Sterling and may take up to 4 days to clear into our account.

We Accept

  • Commitment Fee
  • Search Fees
  • Payment of your bill, up to a maximum of £5,000
  • Payment for future costs and disbursements, up to a maximum of £2,000

We DO NOT Accept

  • Deposits for a property purchase (or conveyancing transaction)
  • Balance required to complete a property purchase (or conveyancing transaction)
  • Multiple payments that exceed the limits listed

We reserve the right to decline any online payment. Please do not attempt to pay any of the unaccepted payments listed above as they will be rejected and monies may still be shown as pending in your account which could delay your transaction. If you are uncertain that your payment meets the above criteria, please contact the person dealing with your file.