In April 2020 Mr T had visited a local park for exercise in accordance with the Covid restrictions, however, whilst out he bumped into a friend and began a socially distanced discussion. He was wearing roller skates at the time and so sat down in order to take his roller boots off.

Police officers from Humberside Police attended and told Mr T to leave the area to which he explained he would once he had managed to remove the heavily laced boots.

As it seems Mr T was taking too long for the officers, they proceeded to arrest him and tried to remove his boots themselves by pulling at them. The officer fractured Mr T’s ankle whilst doing this.

Once the officers realised they had hurt Mr T, they promptly de-arrested him and left him to make his own way to the hospital.

Ison Harrison assisted Mr T to recover compensation of £6,000.00 from Humberside Police for the Wrongful Arrest and the injuries caused as a result of such arrest.

If you have been mistreated or wrongfully arrested or detained by the police, Ison Harrison may be able to assist you to claim compensation.

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