1. This document provides a summary of the Terms of Use of the Ison Harrison Solicitors Payment Portal (‘the Portal’).

2. The Portal is an online facility by which Clients can pay for certain services and pay any bills raised by Ison Harrison Solicitors, subject to the terms of this policy.

3. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the Portal, please contact Ison Harrison Solicitors by emailing cashiers@isonharrison.co.uk

Portal Provider

4. The Portal is provided by Pay and Shop Limited trading as Global Payments (‘Global Payments’). Global Payments are registered in Ireland and their registered office is The Observatory, 7 – 11 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2.

5. Global Payments form part of a larger international organisation registered in the USA under Global Payments Inc and are a well-known provider of merchant services. Ison Harrison Solicitors have conducted reasonable due diligence on Global Payments before selecting them as a provider of merchant services.

Payment Process

6. When a Client uses the Portal, all payments will be collected by Global Payments. Ison Harrison Solicitors do not store any card details or information regarding the payments.

7. The funds paid by the Client will be released into the account of Global Payments. Funds are transferred to Ison Solicitors Client Account once Ison Harrison Solicitors have manually authorised the receipt of the payment (as detailed herein). Manual authorisation will ordinarily occur within 1 business day.

8. Ison Harrison Solicitors reserve the right to reject any payments made.

Client Data

9. All card details are stored by Global Payments in accordance with their Privacy Notice which can be viewed at

10. If a Client has any queries as to the use of their data, Global Payments can be contacted by email at dpo@globalpay.com

11. Global Payments and Ison Harrison Solicitors are committed to ensuring that Client data is retained, used and managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection Act 2018.

12. Please refer to our Privacy Notice for full details of how Client data is used and your rights associated with your data. This can be viewed at https://www.isonharrison.co.uk/privacy-policy-cookies/

Limitations of Use

13. The Portal is subject to financial limits as to the maximum amount which can be paid by the Portal. The maximum payments which can be made are as follows:

a. The maximum sum which can be paid as a payment on account of our costs or disbursements is £750;
b. The overall maximum payment which can be paid by the Portal is £5,000 where such sum is paid in respect of an invoice we have raised.

14. Ison Harrison Solicitors will not accept payment of sums above the financial limits set out in Clause 13 and any attempt to make payments above this limit will be rejected.

15. Ison Harrison Solicitors cannot accept payment for any deposit or completion monies in respect of property or corporate transactions via the Portal.

16. We will not authorise multiple payments to be made via the Portal which exceed the financial limits set out herein.

Money Laundering

17. Ison Harrison Solicitors are subject to statutory and regulatory obligations to prevent money laundering. Such obligations may supersede our obligations to you as a Client. Please see our Privacy Notice for more information.

18. Ison Harrison Solicitors may require you to provide proof of the source of the funds. Ison Harrison Solicitors may also be required to make disclosures to the Police or appropriate fraud prevention or anti-money laundering agencies where fraud or money laundering is suspected.

Limitations of Liability

19. You use the Portal at your own risk. As stated herein, all payments are made to Global Payments and Global Payments are responsible for the security of the Portal and the security of the monies you pay via the Portal. Ison Harrison Solicitors accept no responsibility for you use of the Portal.