Do You Have a Residential Property Dispute?

At Ison Harrison, we have a large and experienced residential property dispute team to help with matters which need a legal expert to help resolve a contentious situation.

Residential property disputes, also known as residential property litigation, can be a complex area of law. What seems like an often simple issue can escalate and develop into a stressful situation, particularly as these matters are often centred around your residential property and, therefore, they feel much more personal.

We can help with a wide range of residential property disputes including:

Boundary Disputes / Right of Way

A boundary dispute arises between owners or occupiers of neighbouring properties.

It is important to resolve a boundary dispute so that the costs incurred do not become disproportionate to the value of the land which is in dispute.

Similarly, rights of way can also turn into disputes. If a right of way over private land is changed, a dispute can be quick to follow.

Our solicitors in Leeds and across Yorkshire can help you with your boundary disputes or right of way matters.

Nuisance / Restrictive Covenants

A private nuisance can pertain to a wide range of matters, such as flooding and excessive noise to tree roots damaging a neighbour’s land.

A restrictive covenant is essentially a restriction on the use of land which the owner / occupier agrees to. It determines what a homeowner can or cannot do with their property or land.

In both these cases, the legal advice of a solicitor is often needed to help resolve any disputes which may arise.

Party Wall Disputes

A party wall is a shared property boundary. If you wish to carry out works on your property that is near or on the party wall then you must tell your neighbours and ensure you have the correct permissions in order to carry out the works. This is called a party wall agreement.

A party wall dispute can arise when the property owner serves notice to carry out the building works but the neighbour objects to the work or does not respond to the notice in time. This is where we can help – our specialist legal team can help resolve your party wall disputes.

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