The Right to Light is an easement that grants property owners the legal entitlement to a specific amount of natural light entering their property

Right to Light disputes typically happen when newbuild developments are taking place near an individual’s home. A new property being built right outside your window can restrict natural lighting, which infringes on your rights as a property owner. Similar issues can also be caused by trees, hedges or anything else that blocks sunlight.

If you believe that your rights are being violated, and a third party is making your home a less desirable place to live, then we are here to help. We will assess your legal rights as a property owner and stop them from being infringed upon.

Our expert team will

  • Assess your case- There is no set Right to Light that every homeowner is entitled to. We will assess your property to ensure you have a legal case before pursuing litigation
  • Liaise with the infringing party- We will try to settle matters quickly and efficiently by explaining to your opponent that they are infringing upon your rights and informing them of their legal obligations
  • Fight your corner in court- If the aggressor opponent still refuses to respect your rights, then we will take them to court and pursue compensation for the trouble caused


A Light in The Darkness

We understand the stress and worry that Right to Light infringements cause. Our homes are supposed to be a haven. If natural light is restricted, then it can remove the property’s feeling of homeliness and make it a gloomy place to live.

Let us be your light in the dark. We’ll fight your corner every step of the way and ensure that your rights are respected and protected.


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