When a company is running smoothly to the benefit of its shareholders, directors, and employees everything is great. Everyone involved has a common goal and purpose and are working hard to achieve that. However, what happens when this harmony begins to break down?

Many companies (whether large or small) can often find themselves in this position. Such disputes can arise due to a breakdown in relations between shareholders who may for example have a difference of opinion regarding the future direction of the business. There may be issues concerning the conduct of particular shareholders and directors and difficulties regarding decision making. A director may not be pulling their weight or there may be problems caused by a conflict of interest.

In our experience these disputes can be particularly contentious as they often involve individuals who have committed a great deal of time and money to the success of the business over many years. If not properly addressed they can become costly, affect the management of the company and its future prospects.

At Ison Harrison we have a team of solicitors who have a great deal of experience of advising shareholders that may be involved in such disputes. We also represent companies and directors in their personal capacity. We recognize how these issues can hamper the growth of a company and not only can we provide legal advice but also practical advice to address the situation as it develops. However, should court proceedings ensue we are able to provide full support and representation throughout.


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