‘Libel’ is a term used to describe a false or defamatory statement that has been published in a permanent form. For example, in a book or on a social media post. Libellous statements can cause significant damage to your and your business’s reputation, deterring potential customers and harming relationships with stakeholders.

If you are the victim of a libellous statement, then we’ll work on your behalf to have false claims removed from wherever they were published. We will also pursue the accuser for any damages that they caused to your business, either financially or to its reputation.

Our expert team will:

  • Remove libellous statements- We’ll ensure that the source of the libellous statement is removed, whether that’s a social media post that must be taken down or a published book that needs to be recalled
  • Pursue litigation- If necessary, we will pursue legal action, going as far as representing you in court to fight your case
  • Reach a settlement- We can reach a settlement either inside or outside of court that gets you your desired result, whether that be financial compensation or a public apology


Publicising The Truth

Proceeding with legal action on libellous accusations shows people that you take your reputation seriously. It proves that these allegations are false, and stops the aggressor from causing further harm to your business.

In addition to seeking financial compensation for the harm caused, we also seek to ensure that our clients receive a public apology that rectifies any lies or false claims. This not only sets the record straight but also sends a strong message to the public that false accusations are not tolerated.

Don’t let false accusations tarnish your image.


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