Legal Advice on Corporate & Shareholder Disputes

In the early days of a successful business venture, the future is often rosy. The partners in a partnership or the shareholders in a limited company are enthused by the business and the success of the enterprise is pursued with a real passion. Nothing will detract from their shared goal of a successful future. However, as time passes, and the business grows increasingly successful, the views of the original owners can often diverge. People change, their priorities change, and this can cause real friction within a partnership or company. It may ultimately have a detrimental effect on the business, its employees, customers, and indeed the business owners themselves.

We are often consulted by disgruntled business owners in the above situation, whether by those who are unhappy with a fellow shareholder or director, or by a partner or minority shareholder who believes that they are being forced out of the business against their will.

Disputes can also arise in circumstances where it is alleged that a partner or shareholder has acted in breach of the terms of a partnership deed or shareholders’ agreement, or alternatively in the case of a shareholder, breached their duties as a director.

At Ison Harrison, we regularly provide advice in the above situations, often on an urgent basis. We provide practical, pro-active advice in order to address issues before they become the subject of court proceedings, whether by way of mediation or otherwise. We also provide timely guidance in relation to issues that arise in connection with the internal governance of a business

If a dispute does become the subject of litigation, we can represent and advise you in relation to the same, whether in connection with unfair prejudice proceedings between shareholders, or disputes between partners.

At all times the advice and guidance that we provide is clear, practical and above all commercial.


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