Life would be simpler if things could be agreed with a handshake. However, not everyone has that integrity. This is why contracts exist. Having roles and responsibilities outlined in ink is supposed to deter breaches of trust, but this isn’t always the case.

A breach of contract happens when one or more parties fail to deliver their obligations under a legally binding agreement. Breaches like this can cause severe financial losses, damage relationships, and harm your business’s reputation.

When you feel like your trust is broken, place your confidence in us. We work towards cost-effective resolutions that maintain relationships while ensuring you get your desired outcome.

Our Expert Team Will:

  • Mediate matters- We maintain relationships while the breach is resolved. Some breaches are accidental, and a gentler touch is required if you wish to maintain the contract
  • Fight your corner- We’ll ensure you receive the outcome you’re entitled to, as defined in your contract
  • Give the lay of the land- Before investing your money, our team will tell you how strong your case is and what the outcome is likely to be


A Professional Set of Eyes

If nothing else, then it’s vital to have a professional set of eyes to analyse your contract. We have an entire team dedicated to breaches, and they’re on hand to help you. From here, we can decide what the next steps are, whether that’s a formal conversation with the other party or a court order.


Contact the Professional Negligence Team

Please contact Chris Thomson at or Jonathan Robson at

Tel: 0113 284 5000