A pre-pack sale is where a company sells its assets to a buyer before entering insolvency. This allows buyers to take over stock, equipment, contracts and other business assets without taking on any of the debts or liabilities that would come with purchasing the company itself.

Pre-pack sales have benefits for both buyers and sellers alike. People buying assets through pre-pack can often receive goods at a highly discounted rate. The benefit for the seller is that it allows them to get some last-minute capital before their business closes, which they can then use to pay off creditors.

Whether you are a business owner that needs to sell your assets via pre-pack, or you’re a purchaser who is trying to buy from a company before it goes into insolvency, we’re here to help. We’ll ensure that the purchase is completed legally whilst creating a win-win deal between both parties.

Our expert team will:

  • Complete due diligence- We will conduct a thorough review of the business to identify any potential risks that could affect the sale
  • Value your business- Before you sell your assets, we’ll make sure that they and your business are valued correctly so that you receive the right price
  • Negotiate terms- We will negotiate the terms of the purchase to ensure that they are legally sound and give you the best deal


Your Clean Slate

Don’t let financial difficulties put an end to your dreams. A pre-pack sale could be the solution you need to save your company and start again with a clean slate.

We have helped many businesses to complete pre-pack sales and move onto the next stages of their journey, whether that be creating a new start-up or paying off creditors and moving on.

Every business is unique, so we offer a tailored approach that suits your needs. We will help you achieve a successful pre-pack sale that protects your assets and allows you to move forward with confidence.


Contact the Professional Negligence Team

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