As a property investor or developer, you can’t manage everything. You need to rely on professionals like architects and planning consultants to get your project over the finish line. So, when one of these professionals acts without integrity or makes a mistake, it can have serious consequences for your investment.

These consequences can include financial losses or the failure of a development. In cases like this-where misinformation or mistakes have led to negative consequences for your business-we’re here to help.

Our expert team will

  • Review contracts with a fine-toothed comb- We’ll find any contractual obligations that were not met and ensure you are reimbursed
  • Claim for financial losses or damages to reputation: We’ll ensure you’re compensated for all losses, financial or otherwise
  • Defend your case- Whether you need us to stand up for you in court or settle things in a less formal setting, we’ll defend your case every step of the way


Experts in Property

We have entire departments dedicated to working with property investors and developers. It’s an area we specialise in, so it means we know how to get you results. No matter what issue has arisen on your site, we have the teams and experience in place to help.

We’re the experts that help you claim against the ‘experts’ who caused detriment to your business, and we’ll make sure you’re reimbursed for every penny lost.


Contact the Professional Negligence Team

Please contact Chris Thomson at or Jonathan Robson at

Tel: 0113 284 5000