Defamation Legal Advice

With the explosion in social media in recent years, anyone (including customers, competitors, or former employees) can publish statements online that are capable of causing serious damage to your business. Often such defamatory statements are made in a calculated attempt to cause harm to the goodwill of your company or partnership which may have been built up painstakingly over a period of many years.

Furthermore, you may trade online whereby you host an online forum as part of your commercial offering. Defamatory statements posted on such forums can also attract liability for the operator of the forum.

It is critical that any defamatory comment is dealt with as soon as possible in order to prevent any damage to your commercial reputation.

We are able to fully advise pro-actively on the options available to you upon being confronted with the above, particularly with a view to dealing with the issue in a practical and effective way and without the need to commence expensive, and time consuming proceedings.

We advise and represent individual business owners, partnerships, and companies in matters of slander. We also deal with both off-line and on-line libel, malicious falsehood, and harassment.

Should court proceedings be necessary, and if appropriate, we can advise and represent you in any application for injunctive relief to prevent any further defamatory statements.