‘Passing off’ is a term used to describe the unauthorised use of a third party’s intellectual property, like another company’s name or logo. This intellectual property is stolen and used to deceive customers into thinking they are buying from the original source.

If your business has been a victim of passing off, then you’ll know the damage and confusion this can cause. It can make a legitimate business like yours look false, harming your reputation and affecting your sales.

Our experienced team will investigate your case, stop the false use of your intellectual property and seek financial restitution for any damage caused to your business. We’ll make sure everyone knows you’re legitimate and take legal action against those who made you look otherwise.

Our expert team will

  • Protect your intellectual property- We will ensure that the unauthorised use of your intellectual property is stopped
  • Ensure the aggressor ceases and desists- We will draft and send cease and desist letters to the third-party responsible for passing off, demanding an end to the unauthorised use of your intellectual property
  • Pursue damages- Our team will ensure you are compensated for any income lost due to passing off, whether that be as a direct result or because of damage caused to your reputation


Reclaim Your Identity

You need to show those responsible for stealing your intellectual property that you take these matters seriously. Doing so will prevent future attacks on your brand and stop the aggressor from causing further harm to your business.

We have over 40 years of experience dealing with passing-off cases, working with both smaller brands and larger, nationally recognized companies. We have the history and skills needed to reclaim your identity and restore your brand.


Contact the Professional Negligence Team

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