If a company is facing financial difficulties, it may become necessary to liquidate its assets. These liquidated assets can then be distributed amongst creditors and shareholders. This way, all is not lost, and at least some money can be shared amongst those involved.

This process is also known as ‘winding up’. Although it can be initiated by the main shareholders of a company, it can also be ordered by a court. This typically happens if the company is unable to pay its debts, or if the company directors are conducting themselves in an unethical manner.

For many business owners, their company is their life. We understand how stressful it can be when you are going through the winding up process, especially if it is against your will. But there is no need to worry. We are here to help. Our team will guide you through the winding up process and deal with the complicated nuances that come with it.

Our expert team will:

  • Walk you through the process- We have been involved in the winding up of numerous companies. We understand how the process works, and we’re here to help you from start to finish
  • Negotiate with key stakeholders- We will negotiate with key stakeholders, including shareholders, creditors, and other parties involved in the proceedings, on your behalf
  • Advise on the distribution of assets- We’ll ensure that your liquefied assets are fairly distributed amongst stakeholders


Easing Your Burden

The winding up of a company can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life, but having the right support will ease this burden and reduce your anxiety.

We’re here to support you in these difficult times.


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