Personal Injury Solicitors in Leeds & Yorkshire

Ison Harrison has a national reputation for personal injury work.

We have been successfully acting for clients for over 25 years. As our profile has increased in this field, so have the number of people who approach us for advice. Each year, we take instructions from more than 2000 people who have been injured through no fault of their own. Traditionally, our personal injury solicitors have supported injury victims in and around Leeds but we are increasingly providing advice to people from across England and Wales.

Over the years we have gained a trusted reputation; we are approached by new clients because we are recognised at being good at what we do.

Why People Choose Us

Highly experienced team – The team has a wealth of litigation experience, they have dealt with every type of case you can imagine. They’re experts in complex and high value claims which ensures that our clients receive adequate compensation for their injuries and consequential losses, including those which might be incurred in the future, due to a deterioration in their condition, for example. We receive many enquiries from individuals who have used an inexperienced lawyer who has not fully investigated and pleaded their case.


The team is trained and qualified to a high level.  The team is a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel, we also have members of a sexual assault/abuse panel and the Inquest Lawyers Group.

Quality client care – We show professionalism and compassion in what can be very stressful and life changing experience for someone who suffers an injury as a result of an accident. We have manageable caseloads allowing a personable experience and high level of client care. You will not be on a conveyor belt, you will have a designated lawyer on hand to answer any queries efficiently through e-mail, telephone or post

We are happy to meet you at your home, at our offices or at a location convenient to you.

High levels of success – The team at Ison Harrison are proud of both an excellent success rate and their positive reputation with courts, barristers and medical professionals. We guarantee clients a minimum of 75% of their compensation.

Trusted by our clients – Approximately 40% of our work comes from recommendations from former clients.

Constant improvement – Our case management system is constantly being developed and improved so we can strive to be the very best.

Conditional Fee Agreement funding (no win, no fee) with no hidden costs

Our areas of expertise include:

How the Procedure Works

If you have sustained an injury due to an incident that wasn’t your fault then you may well be entitled to make a claim for damages.

Firstly, you can download our service brochure to find out about the procedure. If you have any questions you can submit an enquiry or if you’re ready to make your claim, simply call and we will register your details.

The next step will be a meeting with an assigned lawyer. Clients feel reassured when they actually meet a lawyer who explains how the claims process works and is able to advise the prospects of success. We have also found that the chances of success are significantly improved if we take full and proper instructions on day one.

If you would like to know more, call or e-mail one of our personal injury solicitors for your free advice. You can also find useful information about making a personal injury claim in our brochures section.