If you have suffered an injury as a result of a dog bite – however minor or major – you may be able to make a compensation claim against the owner.

Who is liable for an injury caused by a dog bite?

Dogs can be found in many different scenarios in public life. Many breeds are placid and harmless, while other breeds have been banned in the UK because they are inherently dangerous. In all cases, the dog owner is responsible for the behaviour of their dog, be that a private individual or a business. The owner must protect other people from harm and be responsible for the dog’s behaviour when on a lead or not on a lead.

When can I make a dog bite claim?

You can make a dog bite claim if you have been harmed by a dog attacking you and biting you, however minor or major your injuries. If it is subsequently found that you provoked the dog, attacked it or were involved in criminal behaviour at the time of encountering the dog, this could affect your grounds for making the claim.

If you cannot be sure who owns the dog, for example if you were attacked by a loose dog in the park which had run away from its owner or a stray dog in the street, you can claim under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) process. This can also be used in circumstances where the dog owner is not insured. However, you can make a claim for dog bite compensation if you are:

  • An innocent party in the incident
  • Able to prove you have suffered injury
  • Able to prove the injuries were caused by a dog
  • Able to make the claim within three years of the incident occurring

How we process your dog bite claim

Our personal injury solicitors can you help make a dog bite claim and support you through what can be a difficult time emotionally and physically. We can help establish the key facts in the case and identify who is liable for your injuries, in terms of who owns the dog and the circumstances surrounding the incident in which your injuries occurred.

Dog bites can occur in public or in a private house, particularly if you are a tradesperson, a delivery driver, a care giver, a child or even just someone walking in the street or in the park. Whatever your circumstances, Ison Harrison can help you secure suitable compensation, so contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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