Have you experienced an accident in a public place, but you don’t know who is responsible? Let Ison Harrison take on your case and help you establish liability and secure the financial compensation you deserve.

Common causes of public accidents

When you are out and about in the street, in the park or in a shop, you are enjoying your daily routine and the prospect of suffering an accident or injury is far from your mind. After all, you may expect accidents to occur in hazardous environments rather than public places, where you should feel safe and protected. However, accidents in a public place can still occur where someone has been negligible in their duties, and Ison Harrison can help you claim compensation.

So what kind of accidents can occur in a public place?

  • You could be struck by something while in a shop
  • You could be attacked by a dog in the park
  • You could slip or fall on loose pavement
  • You could trip or fall on an area of civil work that has not been properly secured by barriers, or a manhole cover that has not been replaced properly
  • You could have an accident at the gym or playing sport

All these types of accident are very different, and in some cases it may be found that nobody is individually liable for your injuries, but where they are, our personal injury solicitors will help you identify them.

Accidents in a public place solicitors

Our experienced team are leading solicitors in Leeds and Yorkshire dealing with accidents in a public place. We will talk with you and gather evidence on how your injuries occurred, through a free initial consultation, with a view to establishing clear liability. This could be a dog owner, a shop owner or a local authority. After that we will aim to progress your case on a no-win-no-fee basis, which means that we will only take your case on if we think there is a high likelihood of you winning it.

At Ison Harrison we have specialist personal injury lawyers who will take a compassionate approach to your injuries and help you with the sometimes difficult challenge of recuperation and rehabilitation.

Contact Ison Harrison to seek compensation for your accident in a public place

However your accident in a public place occurred, we can help you secure the financial compensation you deserve. This can be used towards your rehabilitation costs, to cover the pain of your injuries and to cover any loss of earnings you might have experienced.

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