Do You Need To Make A PPE Injury Claim?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) plays a big part in an employer’s responsibility in terms of providing a safe and comfortable workplace. The provision of PPE is part of an employer’s general duty and is covered by the Personal Protective Equipment Act 1992. This essentially states that if PPE is needed by an employee, then it must be provided. This is usually established via a risk assessment, which breaks down a task, analyses the inherent hazards and looks at what controls can be implemented to make the job safe. In that respect the provision of PPE is usually seen as a last resort after all other measures have been implemented.

Types of PPE

All industries and business sectors can come into contact with PPE, but of course in some industries it is more critical or more commonly used than in others. PPE can include:

  • gloves
  • face masks
  • goggles
  • visors
  • overalls
  • ear plugs
  • boots
  • hi-visibility clothing

General rules with PPE

Whilst workplace procedures will differ by organisation with respect to how and when PPE is issued, some general rules apply across all industry sectors in terms of how an employer adequately protects their employees:

  • PPE must provide adequate and suitable protection by design
  • PPE must be able to be stored and protected from damage when not in use
  • PPE must be plentiful and always available for use by whoever needs it

How PPE injury claims are made

PPE injury claims can be made where you have been injured or exposed to an illness or virus due to a failing in the adequate provision of PPE. This could be because:

  1. The PPE was poor quality and didn’t do the job
  2. The PPE had been damaged because it couldn’t be suitably stored
  3. The PPE wasn’t made available or there wasn’t sufficient available
  4. A risk assessment was either not carried out or did not identify a need for PPE

A failing in the supply of PPE may result in eye injuries, burns, laceration, electric shock, abrasion, gradual or sudden hearing loss, eyesight loss, slips, trips, falls, being struck by an object, inhalation of dust or exposure to a virus.

Such injury or illness can have life-changing consequences and traumatic effects, and hence you are entitled to seek compensation for this loss, should you feel your employer has not adequately supplied PPE.

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