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Inquests are held in the Coroner’s Court if a person has died a violent, unnatural, or sudden death of which the cause is unknown. The purpose of the Inquest is to ascertain the cause of death and whether systemic failures have contributed to it.

Ruth Bundey, a longstanding Partner, is our Inquest Specialist and has dealt with and appeared at very many inquests, many of which are high profile. Exceptional funding is usually available from the Legal Services Commission for such cases, since Article Two of the Human Rights Act, “The Right to Life”, is engaged. The overriding concern of families is to ensure that any failures are exposed, lessons learned, and other lives are not similarly lost.

Ruth Bundey

Gemma Vine is a nationally recognised Inquest solicitor specialising in representing bereaved families. Gemma has been instrumental in high-profile Inquest cases such as the Shane Gilmer Inquest.

Gemma Vine

Gareth Naylor is a specialist inquest lawyer and advocate.  Gareth deals with inquests involving matters of clinical negligence, health & safety, road traffic collisions and other bespoke and complex cases.  He represented the family of Spencer Walker at a Jury Inquest, Spencer was a young boy who died after touching a live electricity cable and obtained a critical conclusion from the Jury for the family.  He also represented the family of Harry Sykes, a young promising rugby player who drowned in a lake whilst on a rugby tour to France.  Again, achieving a very critical conclusion for the family.  More recently Gareth has represented the families of Deseree Fitzpatrick and Matthew Dale, both of whom died whilst in the care of The Priory.

Gareth Naylor

About Our Inquest Service

We act for the families of those who have died in prison or police stations or after other contact with the police, e.g. a police chase or police shooting. These Inquests are held with a jury after very detailed investigations have taken place into the facts. As a firm, we also represent families who have lost a relative in untoward circumstances in a hospital or care home.

James Thompson (Head of our Clinical negligence team) and Gareth Naylor (Head of Personal Injury team) ensure that appropriate representation is provided at any ensuing inquest. In addition to Ruth and Gemma, they are both always happy to advise on the law with regard to pursuing claims for loss arising from any negligence from third parties.

Recorded causes of  death include:

  • Accident or misadventure
  • Alcohol/drug related
  • Industrial disease
  • Natural causes
  • Road traffic collision
  • Stillbirth
  • Suicide
  • Unlawful killing

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For further information please call or e-mail Ruth Bundey, Gemma Vine or Gareth Naylor.

Useful information:

A short guide to Coroner Investigations – Ministry of Justice Website