The nature of an Inquest means that the conclusions as to the cause of death often catch wider attention. Inquests can become newsworthy events because the details of them are of public interest. At Ison Harrison, we have a policy of following-up on Inquest verdicts to campaign for changes in the law, where we feel that this is in the public interest and where a possible re-occurrence could be prevented.

Common causes of death recorded at Inquests include:

  • Accident or misadventure
  • Alcohol/drug related
  • Industrial disease
  • Natural causes
  • Road traffic collision
  • Stillbirth
  • Suicide
  • Unlawful killing

These are all areas that can potentially be of interest to the wider media, and while we work to protect families from any negative fallout from these events, sometimes publicity can provide positive support for the family of a deceased, specifically where there is a groundswell of opinion that a change in the law is required or where there is some subsequent civil or criminal liability.

Specialist Inquest lawyers

As specialist Inquest lawyers, Ison Harrison has a long history of representing families at high profile hearings. Ruth Bundey is a nationally renowned Inquest lawyer and has been involved in cases such as that of Emily Hartley, the Christopher Alder Inquest and the Hillsborough Inquests. She sits on the Board of Trustees of the organisation Inquest.

In recent years, Gemma Vine, our specialist Inquest lawyer, has represented families at several Inquests which have been in the news, including the family of Shane Gilmer. In all cases the families are given specific emotional support from trained professionals within our team and are fully briefed on the Inquest process, including how to deal with the publicity that comes from a high profile Inquest verdict. This requires dedicated experience and targeted compassionate skills, which are critical in helping the family through the ordeal of an Inquest and its conclusions.

Contact Ison Harrison for full Inquest support

If you have a loved one who has recently passed and is now subject to a formal Inquest, we can help you through the process.

We can give essential advice on how to handle any publicity, media questions and follow-up campaigning that may result from the Inquest verdict. In this situation you need multi-layered support from people who have the skills and experience from dealing with many Inquest scenarios, so contact Ison Harrison, the Yorkshire Law Firm, today.