An inquest into the tragic death of a 30-year-old man will open on 12 April 2021 and is listed for five days and Ison Harrison are representing the partner of the victim, who was also injured in the harrowing incident that occurred in 2018.

At the time of the incident Shane Gilmer and Laura Sugden, both aged 30, lived together in a semi-detached property in Southburn nr Driffield, in the East Riding of Yorkshire. On 12th January 2018 Shane Gilmer was attacked with a crossbow and injured by a crossbow bolt. He later died from the injuries he sustained.

Laura sustained significant head and neck injuries in the same attack, but survived and also later gave birth to their first child whom she was pregnant with at the time of the attack.

The person suspected of causing these injuries in the attack on Shane was 55-year-old Anthony Lawrence, who lived next door to the couple, and was himself found dead two days later on 14th January 2018. As a result, no criminal trial into Shane’s death has taken place and this inquest is now the only mechanism for the facts of the case to be publically examined.

Possible systematic failures

During the attack which led to Shane  death, both Laura and Shane managed to contact the emergency services, and a major focus of the inquest is to address a number of questions Laura has over the response to the attack and possible systematic failures in this response.

The inquest is to be held at Hull Coroner’s Court and is scheduled to begin on 12th April and last until 16th April.

Specialist legal expertise for bereaved family

Ison Harrison are representing Laura at the inquest and have appointed Gemma Vine, a highly experienced and nationally recognised solicitor with a specialism in representing bereaved families at inquests. Gemma has been involved in inquests involving deaths in custody and has also represented families in a number of high-profile inquests.

Ison Harrison felt Gemma’s appointment was particularly appropriate due to her interest in highlighting cases where there have been system failures, in order to prevent future deaths.

Please do not contact Laura or her legal team about the Inquest. All media queries should be directed to our PR representative Natalie Rodgers at Scala: | 0114 4070159 | 07881 780608.


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