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coronavirus in the workplace

Employment Law Q&A: Coronavirus In The Workplace

In light of the prediction that infection rates for the Coronavirus epidemic could potentially affect 60% of the population, what are the legal implications and obligations in the workplace? Our Head of Employment Law Yunus Lunat addressees some of the common questions and issues that are being raised by our clients: As an employer, can…

Business handshake

Jacks Law: Supporting Bereaving Parents At Work

New workers’ rights supporting bereaving parents in the death of a child A new law will come into force in April for parents who lose a child under the age of 18. Parents will now be entitled to two weeks of statutory paid parental bereavement leave from work following the death of a child. Jacks…

Pregnancy at work

Three Quarters Of UK Mothers Are In Work

According to new research from the Office of National Statistics, 75.1% of mothers with dependent children are working in the UK. However, fathers with dependent children have a higher employment rate, at 92.6%. With many employers now adopting flexible working hours, 62% of parents stated it was possible to vary their working day to look after children….

Female is contemplation looking over river with red top

Can I Sue My Boss?

Taking the decision to sue your employer is not something you will come to lightly, but sometimes it is necessary. It can be a complex situation to pursue legal action against your employer, and of course it can be costly and emotionally draining also, so you need to fully understand what your chances of success…

Employment Illustration

​5 Things Employees Must Know About Workplace Discrimination

Your employment takes up the majority of your time, so when something goes wrong, it can also have an impact on every aspect of your life. If you suspect you are being discriminated against at work, the first port of call should be to check. It may be against the law if you are being…

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How To Prevent Homophobia And Transphobia In The Workplace

Homophobia and Transphobia in the workplace is more common than one would expect. Stonewall UK (a charity which campaigns for the rights of LGBT people) have produced a work report called LGBT in Britain which surveyed 5000 LGBT workers about their experience in work. Statistics from this and other studies show that: 1 in 5 LGBT people…


Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

In light of the #MeToo movement, the government has pledged to introduce a new code of practice for employers to better understand their legal responsibilities to protect staff from sexual harassment in the workplace. The Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA has also decided to update its guidance for people making allegations of harassment, due to an…

Empty courthouse with legal scales

Everything You Need To Know About Unfair Dismissal

An employee has the right not to be unfairly dismissed. However, in most cases you can only enforce this right in a tribunal if you have worked with your company for 2 years or more on the date of the dismissal. There are limited circumstances where a dismissal could be fair. Some potentially fair reasons…

Can an employer require muslim employees observing Ramadan to take time off?

Can an Employer Require Muslim Employees Observing Ramadan to take Time Off?

***Article updated May 2019*** We are currently running a Ramadan In The Workplace: In Focus series of blog posts. Here we ask “Can an employer require Muslim staff observing Ramadan to take time off?” Yunus Lunat recalls an interesting scenario whereby an employer concerned about the performance of Muslim employees observing fast. The employer was…

How does Ramadan affect business?

How Does Ramadan Affect Businesses?

We are currently running a Ramadan In The Workplace: In Focus series of blog posts. Here we ask “How does Ramadan affect businesses?” What does the fasting month of Ramadan mean to businesses? Does Ramadan really result in a lower productivity and performance? All who are able-bodied enter the fasting period, resulting in shorter sleeping…