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Category: Residential Conveyancing

How To Minimise The Risk Of Gazumping

How To Minimise The Risk Of Gazumping

Gazumping is a relatively modern phenomenon and yet for a number of years there has been talk of laws being changed to crackdown on the practice, which can be devastating for innocent people. In all likelihood, however, there will always be legal loopholes which allow the practice to continue, and certainly it is still a…

Corn Exchange Leeds, UK

A Guide To Buying A Property In Leeds

The History of Leeds Leeds became a major textile city in the 17th & 18th centuries. Whilst wool was still the main industry, flax, engineering, iron foundries and print works became major industries. The Leeds-Liverpool canal meant that goods could be produced, taken to port and exported globally. Agriculture also played a large role in…

Japanese Knotweed

How Japanese Knotweed Damages Property Value

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant species that can grow up to 7 feet high. It has been known to wind its way around property foundations, causing structural damage to property and bringing thousands of pounds from property value and making property difficult to sell. It’s a huge concern for surveyors and therefore mortgage lenders….

New build terraced homes

Making Reasonable Adjustments In The Home For The Elderly

Ashley Mallett is a Conveyancing Solicitor in the York office, and one of our Dementia Friends. Here, he provides 10 tips on how to make your home dementia friendly and also reasonable adjustments that you can take if you care for or regularly have elderly visitors. 1. Install a key safe outside your home This will…

Brexit scales

Right To Buy: A £6.2 Billion Public Loss

A prominent feature of Thatcher’s 1979 Conservative manifesto, Right to Buy launched in 1980 as a way to springboard hard working people who before had only been able to rent from the Local Authority. Overnight, the dream of home-ownership which for some seemed so far away became a reality. That has continued throughout the decades…

Ilkley Cow and Calf

Guide To Buying a Property In Ilkley

The history of Ilkley Since the findings of carvings in rock in the local area, historians believe that Ilkley has been inhabited since the early Bronze age. The remains of a Roman Fort occupy a site near the town centre believed to be from 79AD. The Domesday book shows the 1st Baron Percy as the…

York River

Guide To Buying A Property In York

Property expert Ashley Mallett is based at our York office and explains what he loves about the area: In York, it seems that every building has a story to tell with history behind it. Add to that the museums and tours it’s a history lover’s heaven! I love the quirky Tudor/Medieval shops and boutiques, along The…

New build terraced homes

10 Bizarre Things That Can Affect Property Value

Is something holding you back during the purchase of a house sale? Is it mentioned in the list below? Here are 10 bizarre things that can affect a property’s value: 1.    Is it a Road, Street, Avenue or something else? It sounds crazy but the name of your street can affect your home’s value and desirability!…

Crossgates on a map

Things to consider when buying a Property in Crossgates

The history of Crossgates Until 1912, Crossgates wasn’t part of Leeds, having historically formed part of the district of Selby. 1800’s Crossgates was very different to the bustling area we see today, being a dirt track between Seacroft and Whitkirk, albeit a well trodden one. There are several stories as to how the village took…

Victorian terraced homes

10 Property Laws You May Be Breaking Without Realising

England and Wales are jam-packed with ‘off-the-wall’ Laws which probably all of us have fallen foul of at some time. Although some of the below are unlikely to be enforced, take a look at some of these strange items from our statute books which you may fall foul of in or around your own home….