The history of Crossgates

Until 1912, Crossgates wasn’t part of Leeds, having historically formed part of the district of Selby. 1800’s Crossgates was very different to the bustling area we see today, being a dirt track between Seacroft and Whitkirk, albeit a well trodden one.

There are several stories as to how the village took its name. One is that there may have been a set of gates somewhere on the track which surrounded the townships of Seacroft, Temple Newsam and Austhorpe. Crossgates means Crossroads, taken from the Old English ‘Cros’ and the only Norse ‘gait’ meaning Street. Crossgates has always needed solicitors, with a 15th century boundary dispute being chronicled in the area’s history.

Famous people from Crossgates

Although nobody of any real notoriety is listed as being from the Village, our Crossgates office was our second branch and was co-founded by Martyn Phillips, our longest serving Property solicitor.

Crossgates today

Crossgates is a busy area, finding itself a few miles to the East of the M1 and easily accessible via the A1. The Leeds Outer Ring Road runs through the centre of the town, providing a lot of passing trade and an easy route for commutes in to Leeds. As such, it is a popular residence for young professionals who work in the City.

Crossgates is well connected via rail links, being on the line taking commuters to destinations such as Leeds, Garforth, York and Middlesbrough.

The main shopping areas are found on the Ring Road and are Austhorpe Road, the home of our Crossgates office. The Crossgates Shopping Centre is a large mall, covering approximately 200,000.00 square feet. A little further afield is Colton Business Park. A short drive will bring you to the industrial Thorpe Park area, which houses many industries and a hotel and spa for those who require a relaxing break from the City.

A short drive will bring you to Temple Newsam House, a historical stately home which houses many artefacts and is home to events throughout the year such as concerts and charity runs. The largest green space is Manston Park containing football pitches, a bowling green, tennis courts and a playground.

Things to consider when buying a Property in Crossgates

Whilst not exhaustive, the below information indicates what you should look out for when purchasing property in or around Crossgates.

Brownfield Sites

Brownfield sites are often previously developed land, usually industrial or commercial sites that have gone derelict, but have potential to be redeveloped as housing. All brownfield sites need to be assessed by an environment consultant before they can be redeveloped, to check for any contamination.

Sites are assessed on soil, groundwater and surface water testing for hazardous compounds or pollutants. Brownfield land registers provide up to date information on sites that local authorities can consider for residential development. All development plans must be compliant with regulations. Special licenses are required to reclaim brownfield sites, due to the strict environmental regulations that may apply. The registers also aid home builders identify suitable sites quickly, speeding up the construction process of new homes.

Due to signs of industry in the area, such as the towering Gas Cylinder and the now closed tank factory nearby, we would encourage all potential home buyers in the Crossgates area to have an environmental search carried out, to check for the risk of contaminated land. Whilst we cannot comment on these, our search partners may be able to offer advice.

Clean Air Zone

Crossgates is the subject of a Smoke Control Order, making it a Clean Air Zone. Clean air zones aim to address pollution and reduce public exposure to them, using a range of measures tailored to the location. A clean air zone defines an area that, to improve air quality, thought to bring health benefits.

  • Non-Charging Clean Air Zones- These are defined geographic areas used as a focus for action to improve air quality.
  • Charging Clean Air Zones- In addition to the above, vehicle owners are required to pay a charge to enter or move within the zone, if they are driving a vehicle which doesn’t meet emissions standards.

Crossgates is a non-charging zone, although you should undertake a Local Authority Search to ensure this is still the case as Leeds City Council have a number of proposals and initiatives in order to reduce air pollution in the City. This is being reviewed this year.

Mining Searches

Mining Searches are designed to find out if there has been any past, present or future mining activities planned in the vicinity of your property. The report also details whether a property is in a former coal mining area. A coal mining report provides information on:

  • Mine entries within 20 meters of a property’s boundaries
  • Gas emissions from coal mines
  • Other coal mining hazards reported in the area
  • Plans for future coal mining in the area

The importance of mining searches cannot be understated. Properties near past mining activities may be at risk of being on unstable ground and may suffer movement, also known as subsidence. We will conduct the mining search on your behalf with the report usually taking a couple of days to process.

Our property expert, Beverley Cashin, told us what she loves about the area:

Crossgates is an upcoming area of East Leeds. Whilst it already boasts fantastic transport links, schools and local community shopping, Crossgates is forever developing. The Springs at Thorpe Park has recently opened which offers high street shopping on your doorstep, a new cinema and great places to eat out. Developers are concentrating on Crossgates building up to 5,000 new homes in the near future knowing that Crossgates will be attractive to new home homers with interest ever increasing. Crossgates really does have a community feel about the place and there’s now everything and more that you would need from a place to live.

If you require any more information regarding properties in Crossgates, call the branch at 0113 232 6530 or alternatively email our Crossgates based Property Solicitor at

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