The Ison Harrison Community Fund is a special initiative we set up in 2019 to help support our local community.

Over the years, we have regularly sponsored local events and supported local charities and, following on from the success of The Big 40 campaign we launched in 2018, we decided that we should help our local community as part of an annual campaign, which is now called the Ison Harrison Community Fund.

How does the Ison Harrison Community Fund work?

Each year, we set aside £10,000 to donate to local charities and initiatives and support local events.

Our aim is to involve as many organisations as possible and therefore we support each event or charity in a different way. For example, for a local charity we might donate £250 to help continue their great work and for a local event we might run our own campaign alongside the event to raise money for a local initiative.

What has the Ison Harrison Community Fund achieved so far?

Having launched in 2019, the Ison Harrison Community Fund has already achieved great things!

In July, we sponsored the Ilkley Half Marathon. We had a team of Ison runners compete and for every runner that completed the race, we donated £1 to the Community Fund to then be used to support three local charities. There were 1,630 runners that completed the race and we were proud to have been able to kick-start our Community Fund with a firm-wide donation of £1,630.

Tim Burt

In addition to this, we ran a #CycleSeptember campaign to raise money for local Leeds charity, Little Hiccups. For every 1 mile that our staff cycled during the month, £1 was donated to the Ison Harrison Community Fund which was then donated to Little Hiccups.

We have lots of exciting things planned for 2020!


Can my event or charity be eligible for the Ison Harrison Community Fund?

We would love to hear from you if you are involved with a Yorkshire charity or initiative and would like us to consider you for the Ison Harrison Community Fund. Please contact us with details of your event, charity or initiative.