Negative Situations with a Positive Outcome

Whether you are a blue chip company or an individual, you will find yourself instructing professionals to give you advice and do work for you on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes when you rely on people to do a job for you it isn’t quite at the standard that you’d expect or it could be completely wrong. In these situations where you have paid for a service and expect a quality result, you will want some form of redress for the errors made.

About Our Service

Our specialist Professional Negligence team will represent you in court when you wish to make a formal complaint about an outsourced company or an employee. We are renowned for our strong and sensible approach to litigation and have over 20 years experience in the field. We are be able to advise clients on a whole host of professional negligence matters.

Solicitors, barristers, surveyors, architects, accountants and professional bodies are all parties that could possibly become involved in the dispute but through our experience we know how to deal with them. It is common for people to put in complaints to a professional body to see if an appropriate sanction is exercised for any breach of rule or conduct code. We run complaints and litigation in tandem to try to secure the result that you want.

Why You Should Choose Ison Harrison

  • Empathetic approach – we understand the position of the professional. We also know what is industry standard and what would be reasonably expected.
  • Variety of assistance – we run complaints and litigation in tandem. For more complicated cases we can assist with arbitration, or mediation.
  • Expert and specialist advisors – We know which expert to instruct if an independent expert is required
  • Efficient administration – We have access to a team of lawyers able to organise and efficiently analyse large volumes of paperwork.
  • Available financial help – we have access to insurance or Legal Aid funding as appropriate

Contact the Professional Negligence Team

The team is headed by Jonathan Robson.

Tel: 0113 284 5029