Andrew Procter was successful in his claim for professional negligence and a judge awarded the West Yorkshire man over £5000 damages.

Raley’s solicitors in Barnsley advised thousands of miners with compensation claims for industrial diseases such as noise induced hearing loss and in the case of Mr Procter Vibration White Finger.

The condition Vibration White Finger is a prescribed industrial disease which affects the fingers. Holding and grasping may become difficult especially in cold weather.

Despite winning previous compensation for his injury a judge ruled that the original award failed to take into account future help Mr Proctor may need to assist with everyday tasks.

Raley’s are considering appealing the decision. This case is the second similar award against the firm this year.

Because of the huge volume of vibration white finger claims made against companies like British Coal and UK Coal Mining it is suspected that many more professional negligence claims will be brought against a handful of law firms who took on the bulk of legal work, which was described by ex-miners as ‘factory style processing’.

If you have been awarded compensation for vibration white finger you may have been under settled and if so can seek to bring a further claim for professional negligence. We can help.

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