Criminal Law Solicitors in Leeds & Yorkshire

Harrison Bundey Solicitors

Over the years we have built up a reputation as the criminal law specialists of Leeds. We endeavour to provide high quality, consistent advice and representation to our clients throughout Yorkshire. Whether it be in the police station, the magistrates court or the Crown Court, we have built up a reputation for excellence, professional skill and a commitment to working tirelessly in interests of our clients.  We are proud to offer some of the best solicitors and police station representatives in Leeds.

At the Police Station

We offer free independent legal advice at the Police Station.

All accused people or suspects have the right to independent legal advice. All clients need confidence in their representative at the police station. Our reputation is second to none for our collective experience and the quality of advice that we provide. We know our job and we know how crucial it is that we protect your interests.

At the Magistrates Court

Our advocates represent clients at the Magistrates Court on a daily basis and take pride in the level of representation that they provide. Whether it be applying to court for bail or representing you at trial we shall always ensure that you receive the best possible representation.

Kara Frith heads up the Magistrates Court Advocates team

At the Crown Court

If clients are facing more serious cases then our crown court team will become involved in preparing their case and representing them. It is common for barristers to represent clients at Crown Court. However, in Mark Foley we are proud to boast one of the best Crown Court Advocates (a solicitor with higher rights of audience) in Yorkshire within the team.

Mark Foley heads up the Crown Court advocates team

At Appeal

We are well versed and prepared for taking matters to the Crown Court or Court of Appeal. Whether we acted for the defendant in the original matter, or they were represented by another firm of solicitors, we can call upon our extensive experience in evidence analysis to advise on the merits of appealing.

Why Choose Harrison Bundey (Ison Harrison’s specialist Crime team)?

  • Always available – We are on hand to ensure that you have access to a qualified representative able to give you strong and timely advice. If your enquiry is urgent and out of normal office hours we can be contacted on our 24 hour emergency phone number which is 0113 399 6181
  • Financial help is available – We represent people across the full range of criminal offences and ensure that all appropriate funding options are explored. If legal aid is available we will endeavour to obtain it on your behalf.
  • Recognised and respected – As agents for other law firms, we are well respected and known throughout West Yorkshire.
  • Expert staff – The department is fronted by vastly experienced Solicitor, Kara Frith. The team also boasts Mark Foley, Ruth Bundey and Ghaz Iqbal, each of whom has developed a strong regional reputation in advocacy in his/her own right.
  • Care and commitment – Not only do we have highly experienced staff, we are also committed and passionate about what we do. We will never judge you upon the basis of the offences with which you may be charged. We will fight conscientiously to ensure that you are properly represented and will always do our utmost to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Contact Harrison Bundey

Telephone: 0113 200 7400
Emergency 24 hour arrest helpline: 0113 399 6181