Can You Appeal Your Conviction or Sentence? We Can Help

A person convicted in a criminal case can appeal against:

  • Conviction;
  • Sentence; or
  • Both

For Magistrates’ court cases, defendants whom pleaded guilty can only appeal against sentence. In Crown Court cases, you can appeal both regardless of your plea.

Most commonly, cases will fall into one of two categories:

  • Appeals against a decision of a Magistrates’ Court, which are heard in a Crown Court;
  • Appeals in Crown Court cases, which are dealt with at the Court of Appeal.

There are strict time limits. If you are appealing a Magistrates’ Court decision, this must be done within 21 days. For Crown Court appeals, the following rules apply:-

  • Appeals against conviction: within 28 days of conviction (even if sentence took place afterwards);
  • Appeals against sentence: within 28 days of sentence.

Our extensive expertise in criminal law includes successfully handling appeals. It is not always an easy process, and the outcome can never be guaranteed, but we are able to skilfully handle cases to give you the best possible chance. We consult leading experts and barristers and ensure that all aspects of the case are fully considered.

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