Complex Crime Solicitors

Complex crime only involves multifaceted serious allegations, such as homicide, drug tracking, or evasions of duty prosecutions. For example, manslaughter, terrorism, and serious fraud all class as complex crime matters. As the name suggests, these cases are particularly complicated, sometimes reaching a national scale.

We at Ison Harrison Solicitors deal with complex crime efficiently. Our vast experience lets us deal with many complexities confidently, dealing with a wide range of offences.

We aim to obtain the best possible result via influencing and challenging accusations made by the court. Complex crime requires dedication and time; only those with expertise in the field are able to pursue with vigour. It is vital that if you are accused of complex crime, you seek the best possible professional representation; you will need the strongest defence available.

Cases of this nature need early intervention from legal specialists. Complex defences and legal arguments can greatly affect the outcome of the case- it is vital that effective, tactical, proactive preparation for a complex case begins immediately.

Clients will benefit from our bespoke skills, resources and intelligent articulation of complex areas of law. We have a duty to tailor our service to the needs of your individual case: acting on sensitivity and confidentiality. Our client base is wide ranging in professions including; financial advisers, medical personals, and company directors.

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