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Why We Are Still Campaigning For Restrictions On Crossbows

The issue of crossbows has once again reared its head following the recent BBC programme Sherwood which aired in June this year. Although it was predominately a work of fiction, it was loosely based on the murder of Keith Frogson who was attacked with a crossbow in 2004. The question of whether crossbows should have…

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Harry Sykes Inquest Conclusion: Supervision At Lake Was “Inadequate”

The two week inquest into the death of Harry Sykes concluded on 26th April 2022 with Senior Coroner Martin Fleming finding that the planning of the tour was “slipshod” and that the supervision at the lake was inadequate.  He also found that the lack of head counts was a significant flaw in the Greenwood’s planning…

Harry Sykes

Harry Sykes Inquest

The Inquest touching the terribly sad death of Harry James Sykes will commence on Monday 11 April 2022 and is listed for 2 weeks before Mr M D Fleming, Senior Coroner for West Yorkshire (West). Harry, a promising and committed rugby league player, died in Carcassonne, France on the 5 September 2018.  Harry was a…

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New Legal Aid Hope For Bereaved Families at Inquests

From 12 January 2022 bereaved families at certain inquests will finally be able to apply for legal aid without the need for means testing. This first and very important step in ending an inequality in arms in inquest representation for bereaved families has been the result of 40 years of campaigning by the charity INQUEST,…

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Inquest: Sam Copestick Deceased

Ison Harrison lawyer Ruth Bundey – a member of the INQUEST lawyers group – acted for the family at the inquest into the self-inflicted death of mental health inpatient Sam Copestick at Rochdale Coroner’s Court. It was found that multiple care failings had contributed to Sam’s death in June 2019, at the age of 24,…

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Ison Harrison Lawyer Represents Family In ‘Misadventure’ Inquest Verdict

Ison Harrison/Harrison Bundey Inquest law specialist Ruth Bundey last week represented the mother of an 18-year-old who died while in custody, at an Inquest into the death of Charlie Todd at HMP Durham on 2nd September 2019. The Jury concluded that Charlie‘s death was one of misadventure. Charlie was found dead from self-inflicted injuries in…


An Open Letter To The Home Secretary Regarding A Change To Crossbow Laws

To the Home Secretary, This is an open letter on behalf of Laura Sugden and Ison Harrison solicitors in reply to the Government’s response dated 20 May 2021 to our petition to put in place stricter laws governing the purchase/acquisition/possession of crossbows. We are disappointed with the Government’s response last week to our crossbow petition….

crossbow dangers

The Truth About The Dangers Of Crossbows: Your Questions Answered

In this article, we explore the misconceptions around crossbows and highlight the very real dangers they pose. This follows the recent inquest into the death of Shane Gilmer who was “unlawfully killed” by a crossbow. Together with Shane’s partner, Laura Sugden, we are supporting a campaign to call for stricter laws governing the purchase/acquisition/possession of…


Prevention of Future Deaths Report Released Following Shane Gilmer Inquest

Our specialist Inquest solicitor, Gemma Vine, has today received a copy of the Prevention of Future Deaths report from the coroner at the Shane Gilmer inquest. The report, which a coroner can send if he believes that during the course of the inquest or investigation that there is a matter of concern that if not…


UK Campaign To Change The Law Governing Crossbows

Following the recent inquest into the death of Shane Gilmer, who was “unlawfully killed” by a crossbow, our solicitors, together with Shane’s partner, Laura Sugden, are raising awareness of the dangers of crossbows and today we are launching a campaign to encourage new crossbow legislation which ensures that legitimate ownership and use of crossbows is…

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Jury Return Conclusion At The Inquest Into The Death Of Shane Adrian Gilmer

Today at the inquest touching the death of Shane Adrian Gilmer, the jury returned a conclusion of ‘unlawful killing’. Professor Paul Marks, HM Senior Coroner said that he would be making a prevention of future deaths report, to raise concerns about the danger of crossbows which are currently unregulated. Campaign. In memory of Shane, his…

shane gilmer and laura sugden

Ison Harrison Help Family Look For Answers In Tragic Death of Shane Gilmer

An inquest into the tragic death of a 30-year-old man will open on 12 April 2021 and is listed for five days and Ison Harrison are representing the partner of the victim, who was also injured in the harrowing incident that occurred in 2018. At the time of the incident Shane Gilmer and Laura Sugden,…


Inquest Opens Into Alfie Gildea Death

An inquest is about to start into the death of four-month-old Alfie Gildea, with his mother Caitlin anxious to see that it sparks several procedural changes relating to the wider circumstances surrounding his tragic death in 2018. Alfie was found by his mother with head injuries in September of 2018 and died two days later….

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Prison Death Ruled As Natural Causes After Inquest Describes Negligent Healthcare

A 19-year-old inmate, Jordan Hullock from Leeds, died in prison after being “de-humanised and ignored” according to an inquest, which ruled that his death was due to ‘natural causes’. Represented by Ison Harrison’s expert criminal and inquest lawyer, Ruth Bundey, Jordan’s family left the inquest distraught and angry at the treatment their son had been…


Desired Outcome Reached In Inquest With Gareth Naylor

An inquest before HM Assistant Coroner Jonathan Heath took place on the 9 July 2019 to investigate the death of a motorcyclist who died on the 29 May 2018. Our Partner and Head of Personal Injury Gareth Naylor represented the brother of the deceased, Mathew. On the 29 May 2018 Mathew was riding his motorcycle…

Police Station

Inquest Concludes Adrian McDonald Died of Stress of Incident

The inquest into the death of Adrian McDonald concluded this week that his death was due to “the effects of cocaine and stress of incident, following police dog bites and Taser.” Adrian was arrested, restrained, bitten by a police dog, tasered, and then left in a police van struggling to breathe properly. The police were called…

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Inquest opens into the death of Adrian McDonald

Inquest opens into the death of Adrian Mcdonald following a police dog bite and use of taser by Staffordshire Police Adrian McDonald died in 2014, aged 34, following an arrest where he was tasered and bitten severely by a police dog. However, the moments Adrian was bitten and tasered were not captured on recordings shown…

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Emily’s Hartley’s Successful Inquest Case Study

Diane Coulson’s daughter Emily Hartley, was the youngest woman to die in prison custody in recent years. Emily took her own life at New Hall Prison in April 2016, at 21 years old. Emily had a long history of mental health issues; which she believed began at the age of 9, after grieving the death of her grandmother,…