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Category: Road Traffic Offences

drink driving at christmas

Don’t Be Caught Out Drink Driving This Christmas

As leading road traffic offence solicitors, we often see an increase in drink driving cases at this time of year. With Christmas parties and New Year parties coming up, it can be all too tempting to have one extra drink that pushes you over the drink driving limit and results in a driver being stopped…

UK road laws 2019

Don’t Get Caught Out By New Road Laws In 2019

UK road users have been warned to take heed of a number of changes to the Highway Code and the MOT test, as they set off into 2019. And here, our road traffic offences expert, Ghaz Iqbal, talks us through what is new and what the Government is also considering introducing in 2019. Using the…

Motorway sign

Smart Motorways: the Driving Force Behind Legal Changes

Smart motorways, the brainchild of Highways England in a bid to cut congestion, currently cover some 480 miles of the UK’s roads. Areas of Manchester and the North East feature the new technology, as do locations in Surrey and the West Midlands. There are plans to extend their reach, which is accompanied by changes in…

Police Car Blue Lights

What is a Notice of Intended Prosecution?

Many of us will be familiar with a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NiP) owing to their use in cases of speeding or drivers proceeding through a red light. Here, Ghaz Iqbal offers an important overview and dispels some of the myths surrounding NiPs and their use. What is a Notice of Intended Prosecution? Issued by…

Police Car Blue Lights

Driving up the Cost: New Increased Penalties for Speeding Offences

Often, drivers will have a general understanding as to the way in which speeding offences are dealt with, but important changes introduced this Spring may have passed some by. Here, our Road Traffic Offences specialist Ghaz Iqbal offers an insight into the way in which speeding offences are now punished. Have there been changes to…

Police Car Blue Lights

Changes to Driving Offences

Driving offences which result in death or serious injury will often feature in news headlines, not least when the offender is convicted and subsequently sentenced. The Government has announced that in recognition of public concern in this area, it has reviewed current laws and published details of changes which it intends to make to the…