Ison Harrison have launched a ‘same day’ settlement agreement scheme to help employees with the expected surge of redundancies in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Just this week, major companies across the UK have announced up to 12,000 job losses, as redundancies start to become the norm in the run-up to the Government’s furlough scheme ending.

Organisations across the retail, leisure, banking and airline sectors have announced big job losses this week, including Upper Crust, Harrods, Virgin Money, Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank, Accenture, Bella Italia, Café Rouge, Airbus and Easyjet. Many more big high street names have warned of potential redundancies also, as the post-COVID landscape begins to emerge. And now, the sweeping announcements have alerted many within the UK population to expect the worst, with the furlough scheme set to end in October and employers expected to make a financial contribution from the end of July.

Treating employees fairly in redundancy proceedings

This journey towards the end of the furlough scheme has prompted many employers to start taking action now, and therefore unwelcome letters landing on doormats and preparing employees for an uncomfortable immediate future is becoming a familiar tale across the UK. The Government’s furlough scheme was long believed to be delaying the inevitable as the economic repercussions of the COVID pandemic hit home, and now many people are facing up to the reality. But there is help at hand, and Yunus Lunat, head of employment law at Ison Harrison, has today announced a programme of help aimed at ensuring employees facing redundancy are treated fairly and are properly represented.

A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement between an employee and an employer, and is used to set out the terms and conditions agreed upon the termination of a contract of employment. In the case of redundancies in the wake of the COVID crisis, an employer will look to create such an agreement to ensure the employee does not proceed with an employment claim against them. It is therefore important that an employee facing redundancy understands what they are entitled to, how the redundancy process should be carried out and who is liable to pay the costs.

Ison Harrison have this week announced a ‘same day’ settlement agreement programme, under which employees facing redundancy will be advised upon their agreement on the day of receipt. Agreements can be emailed to with a contact number for a call back on the same day. This is a nationwide service and can be done remotely by email or telephone.

Our employment law specialists

Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, an employee is required to receive independent legal advice prior to a settlement agreement being signed, and it is standard practice for the employer to pay, or at least contribute to, the legal costs incurred in relation to obtaining independent legal advice. This can all be taken care of by Ison Harrison, as we endeavour to take the weight off your mind in these difficult and stressful times.

In announcing the scheme, Yunus Lunat commented:

Our settlement agreement expertise is long established and is widely known as being exemplary in representing employees losing their jobs and income through no fault of their own. This is particularly relevant to the current situation, as we expect many employers are preparing for the end of furlough by informing employees of potential redundancies now. Therefore, we feel that the ‘same day’ nationwide settlement agreement scheme is very timely, and is one way we can assist honest, working people in this time of need and great concern.

Ison Harrison has built a successful record in advising and representing employees in all aspects of employment law including redundancies and has a team of dedicated, specialist experts in the field of employment law. Our empathetic and professional approach makes a potentially traumatic process more manageable for all involved, so contact us today for your consultation.

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