A teenage schoolgirl wins £15,000 in damages for sexual harassment after she was targeted by her boss at Pizza Hut, in Stratford East London.

The 16 year old teenager had taken on her first ever job at Pizza Hut in 2016, working 10 hours per week as a receptionist.

Employment Judge Catrin Lewis described the claimant’s manager Sultan Tanha created a ‘hostile, intimidating, and humiliating environment to work in: he inappropriately touched her, made unjustified threats, and unwelcome sexual advances.’

Often Sultan would attempt to make inappropriate contact, trying to hold her hand, hug her, and hold her wrists.  The claimant also described that Sultan would whisper into her ear, and on one occasion threw cheese toppings over her head.

The claimant described that when she challenged this behaviour, her hours were then cut, and Sultan Tanha would proceed to shout at her and find fault in her work. She was singled out by Sultan for this treatment.

Kashif Jaffer owner of the franchise was ordered to pay the claimant a total of £15,686 in damages, interest and wages. The claimant was awarded £13,000 for injury to feeling.

1 in 4 women have been subjected to sexual abuse. More than half (52%) of women, and nearly two-thirds (63%) of women aged 18-24 years old, said they have experienced sexual harassment at work, according to a new research from the TUC in collaboration with the Everyday Sexism Project.

If you require discreet confidential advice about sexual harassment or intimidation you have been subjected to at work our Employment team are available to speak to you about your concerns and the action that can be taken on 0113 284 5000.

Sexual abuse of any description is a traumatic and stressful type of personal injury. Whilst many victims firstly seek police intervention, and then take their case to a criminal or civil court, it is also possible to claim compensation for sexual assault as a personal injury. Under personal injury law, sexual assault is categorized as battery or assault.

Our Personal Injury team here at Ison Harrison Solicitors have successfully claimed many thousands of pounds in compensation for our clients, children or adults, who have suffered sexual or violent abuse. We also assist those clients to access psychological services to help them deal with the difficulties of surviving such abuse. We understand how harrowing and difficult it is to come forward with sexual or physical abuse claims, but our lawyers will always handle such cases with complete sensitivity and understanding, at a pace which is comfortable for you.

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