Aesthetic surgical procedures, especially amongst the young, is a multi-billion pound industry in this Country.

Simon Helliwell in our personal injury department has lost count of the clients he has acted for in relation to aesthetic treatment such as dermal fillers such as breast, lip, buttock fillers; laser treatment and chemical peels for example which have gone wrong leaving devastating physical and mental injuries for his clients.

The problem in a lot of these cases is that the clinics and their employees are limited companies; often unregulated, not properly medically trained and without any or adequate insurance.

When a claim is made the company is often folded with no recourse for the Claimant unless the Claimant has a legal expense insurance policy which may possibly indemnify any unsatisfied judgment.

Given this crisis, the Government has recently opened a consultation to seek views on how to make non-surgical cosmetic procedures safer for consumers. Proposals considered include restrictions on who can perform certain high-risk procedures and age limits as often young persons undergo cosmetic procedures.

Hopefully in the future, practitioners will be licenced and adequately insured.

Until that day comes there are certain steps you can take in an attempt to protect yourself in case anything goes wrong.

  1. Before you undergo any treatment ensure that the treatment provider is specifically trained to carry out this procedure. I have come across a website called Save Face at who have useful guidance.
  2. Take a photograph or copy of any public liability/clinical negligence policies from the treatment provider before you undergo any procedure.
  3. Before treatment take out a legal expense insurance policy and ensure it provides an indemnity if you are able to obtain an unsatisfied Judgment against any treatment provider.

If you have been affected by any cosmetic/aesthetic treatment gone wrong please contact Mr Simon Helliwell in our personal injury team on 0113 2845048 or

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