Understanding legal advice from Ison Harrison

Sadly, patients may die as a result of negligent treatment. In these cases, spouses or parents of children who died under the age of 18 can claim a statutorily set amount of compensation known as ‘bereavement damages’. These are currently set at £12,980. Additionally, anyone who was financially dependent on the deceased and/or received care from them, may make a claim for such losses to date and into the future. Funeral expenses, other losses and pain and suffering up to the time of death can also be claimed.

In cases involving the elderly however, there are often no living spouses and no dependants which means that the claim is limited to recovery of funeral expenses and some compensation for pain and suffering. In these circumstances, it may not be feasible to make a claim even though the treatment was of a poor standard.

This is a complex area of law and one of our specialty areas. If someone close to you has passed away in questionable circumstances, contact Ison Harrison to speak to a member of our team on 0113 284 5745.