Urology Claims

Claims in this area often relate to the delay in diagnosis and treatment of various cancers, particularly prostate and bladder cancer. Such failures/delays can have devastating consequences resulting in the spread of cancer, reduced survival and other complications.

Sometimes there is a failure to catheterise a patient in urinary retention resulting in permanent bladder damage. This can result in permanent continence issues requiring permanent/intermittent catheterisation or in extreme cases, loss of the bladder.

Men can often suffer from an enlarged prostate which is a benign (non-cancerous) condition. This may cause urinary problems known as bladder outflow obstruction and the patient may require catheterisation. This problem can usually be remedied with medication or surgery in the form of a transurethral resection of the prostate (known as a ‘TURP’) where part of the prostate is removed to restore urinary flow. If this condition is missed, patients might suffer from repeated urinary tract infections and/or urinary reflux causing permanent kidney damage.

Sometimes young men experience what is known as a testicular torsion where a testicle will twist in a certain way cutting off the blood supply. This is painful condition and without rapid diagnosis and surgery within a certain period of time, the testicle will be lost.

Our team of solicitors have acted in cases of delayed diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, bladder outflow obstruction, urinary retention and testicular torsion.

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