Pressure Sores / Ulcers Claims

The elderly, disabled and diabetics are particularly vulnerable to pressure sores. This is shocking when in fact 95% of pressure sores are preventable.

Pressure sores – also called pressure ulcers or bedsores – are wounds which develop when constant pressure or friction on an area of the body disrupts the blood flow, and this results in the skin and underlying tissues starting to break down.

Patients who have poor mobility or are bedbound should be risk assessed by those caring for them and preventative action, such as the provision of pressure relieving mattresses and a regime of regular turning, should be taken.

If sores develop, immediate action must be taken to avoid further deterioration and promote healing. Treatment will include careful monitoring, regular dressing changes, minimising pressure on the affected areas and, in some cases, surgery to remove damaged tissue. In extreme cases, infection and breakdown may result in amputation, infection or death.

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Legally Speaking Podcast

In this podcast episode, experienced Paralegal Victoria Holland discusses the legal remedies for people suffering from pressure sores through negligent care.

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