Expert legal advice on negligent hip operations

Hip operations are a good example of orthopaedic surgery that can have a life-changing effect but can be devastating when things go wrong. Of course the vast majority of operations are carried out successfully and the pain and discomfort you have previously suffered is significantly eased, but there are occasions where the level of care you expect is not met and leads to you being entitled to seek an orthopaedic negligence claim.

How can hip operation negligence occur?

There are a number of ways that hip surgery negligence can occur; during the operation itself, in the pre-op stage during preparation for surgery and also in the post-op after care stage. Naturally, a patient with a hip problem is in a very delicate condition and the level of care is absolutely crucial in the lead up to the surgery itself and for their recuperation afterwards.

A common example of hip operation negligence is when the surgeon positions the artificial part incorrectly or insecurely during surgery. This sometimes will only be detected at a later stage when movement loosens the joint and the patient becomes unstable. Loose components can also cause tissue damage, infection and mobility issues even after an operation to correct the problem.

Our team of clinical negligence claims solicitors

In order to pursue a hip operation negligence claim you need to be able to prove that an error made by a medical professional has directly led to subsequent discomfort and damage to your hip, or the replacement component. We have a team of qualified and experienced clinical negligence solicitors who are able to work with you and identify whether you have a valid claim to pursue.

Our client care package involves offering professional and sympathetic advice, access to the medical care you need and ensuring you are fully compensated for your discomfort and distress, your medical and travel expenses and any loss of earnings as a result of your hip operation negligence.  Please call our hip operation claims team today and we can begin with a free initial consultation and start to get you on the road to recovery.