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Broken bones are painful and disruptive enough without your injuries being compounded by undergoing a subsequent operation that wasn’t technically necessary. Unfortunately this does happen from time to time and it can have long term implications for the patient, for which you are entitled to seek compensation.

How does unnecessary surgery on broken bones happen?

The critical factor in pursuing a valid claim for unnecessary surgery is proving that an operation was undertaken without good cause. Often it can be proven that a patient was denied sufficient information to make an informed decision on authorising the surgery, or that the risks associated with the procedure weren’t fully explained.

In building a case for a successful orthopaedic negligence claim relating to unnecessary surgery on a broken bone, you will need to establish why the decision was made to operate. Ultimately this can lead to avoidable pain, a delay in the bone healing, more corrective surgery or in extreme cases, a permanent problem with the bones. The error in taking the decision to operate rather than let the bone heal naturally could be down to the consultant, a communication error or a simple administration error. Whatever the cause is, you need to be able to find it, and we can help you do that.

Proving orthopaedic surgery negligence has occurred

Finding where an error has been made that results in unnecessary surgery can be quite straightforward, but proving that there has been a failure to fully advise the patient can be more difficult. However, these are all triggers for orthopaedic malpractice claims and if you are suffering unnecessary pain and suffering or a loss of earnings, you are entitled to pursue a compensation claim.

Our team of experienced clinical negligence solicitors have the skills and knowledge to assess your injuries and their circumstances and to establish whether you have reasonable grounds to pursue a successful claim. On this basis we can offer a free initial consultation, and following on from that we can offer access to medical support and a pathway to securing the financial reward your injuries deserve, so please call our clinical negligence solicitors today on 0113 284 5000.