Throughout 2023, Abi Hewison and Tom Nippress from our Clinical Negligence team have worked with S.N.O.O.P. to build a relationship and gain a better understanding as to how Ison Harrison can support them and their members.

Who are S.N.O.O.P.?

S.N.O.O.P. are a registered charity based in Bradford. They provide services ranging from before and after school care, play schemes, young adults care, youth club’s and a safe places scheme, alongside providing support for parents and carers. Members range from nursery school children to adults in their 40’s with learning disabilities and complex health needs. S.N.O.O.P have a growing team of support staff who are all dedicated to providing the best personalised care for their members.

S.N.O.O.P.’s vision is for a society where people with learning disabilities and their parents and carers feel valued, supported, and enabled to have a good life, with the same chances and opportunities that any other person would have. Their mission is to give personalised support by providing a wide range of services which aim to meet each individual’s need. Every member is accepted for who they are, and the team works together to provide a safe, enjoyable environment for everyone.

What have we done to support S.N.O.O.P.?

We started our relationship with S.N.O.O.P by donating 100 Easter Eggs to their members. Abi and Tom personally delivered the easter eggs and had the opportunity to meet some of S.N.O.O.P.’s members and staff. They were given a tour of the centre and heard about all the wonderful ways they support their members. The visit highlighted to Abi and Tom how the staff at S.N.O.O.P. will go the extra mile to ensure that their members are given the tools and opportunities to thrive.

snoop charity

In June Abi and Tom, along with other members of our Clinical Negligence team were invited by S.N.O.O.P to help them improve their outdoor area which is very popular with their members. They helped with repainting fencing, setting up a trampoline, cutting the grass and putting together furniture. The sun was shining, and the children were excited to explore the outdoor area.

snoop charity event

Tom then undertook one of the UK’s longest hiking trails in July to raise money for the charity. He walked over 198 miles with his trusty dog, Hector, and completed the Coast to Coast, from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire across the course of 2 weeks. Tom raised over £1,200 for S.N.O.O.P. He made a huge impact on S.N.O.O.P.’s Community Fundraising chart!

tom nippress challenge

In August, Abi attended the S.N.O.O.P. summer fair along with Cara Wiltshire and Tanya Hastings. With our trusty Cow Milking game in tow, they provided an opportunity for S.N.O.O.P. members and their families to get to know us better and to ask questions about the work we do, whilst also entering our competition to name the giant cow teddy!

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In December we donated Christmas selection boxes to S.N.O.O.P. which went down an absolute treat with their members. Tom, Abi and Tanya made the delivery and they were able to spend time with S.N.O.O.P.’s members hearing about their Christmas plans and most importantly what they were hoping Santa would deliver!

snoop charity xmas

What will 2024 bring?

Ison Harrison will continue to support this wonderful charity and look forward to seeing what 2024 will hold. If you would like to know more about S.N.O.O.P. and the fantastic work that they do, please visit their website: .

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thank you from snoop charity

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